Like a local

Our goal is to introduce travelers to an unusual Japan, through unique urban experiences.


Across the Japanese off-the-beaten-tracks areas, visitors will wander through uncrowded places and unvisited spots for a fully-authentic travel journey.  



From neon-lit skyscrapers to ancient shrines, Tokyo, the ultramodern capital of Japan, is offering travelers a seemingly choice of culture, entertainment and dining.


Along with a local friend, travelers will get an insight into the planet’s most densely populated capital. Exploring the authentic spots of this nirvana for foodies, cultural buffs and Kawaii enthusiasts will shape their trip program. 



From the seaside city of Kamakura, home to a myriad of historic buildings, serene shrines and stunning temples, to the major port of Yokohama, travelers will venture off the beaten tracks to explore these cities's hidden gems.


Thanks a to a local expert, visitors will enjoy authentic spots close to Toyko and get to know them through the eyes of an insider. 



Once the capital of Japan and emperor's residence, Kyoto is one of the country's most iconic cities. Its cherry-blossom trees, Buddhist temples and floral gardens compete with beauty. 

Along with a local friend, travelers will initiate an authentic experience and go over a millennium of history by wandering through a lesser-touristy Kyoto and seeking out authentic gems. 


Third largest japanese city, nearby the ancient capital of Kyoto, Osaka is particularly well-known for its eclectic cuisine, its outgoing people and its famous nightlife. Endless opportunities for discovery await visitors. 

Along with a local friend, travelers will experience an off the beaten path, lively and fiercely original Osaka, a true urban jungle particulary pleasant at night. 



Located in the mountainous Hida region of Gifu Prefecture, Takayama is the getaway to the Japan Alps and a great stopover between Tokyo and Kyoto.

Along with a local friend, travelers will explore the storehouse of Japan’s inland culture and discover stunning landscapes, a traditional old town as well as millennial temples.


Japan's fourth most populated city, Nagoya has nurtured a unique culture and is famous today for its gastronomy. This industrial centre has therefore developed a strong culinary tradition wholly distinct from its neighbours.

Along with a local friend, travelers will get an insight to Nagoya and discover its traditional markets, its modern skyscrapers, its well-maintained parks and its historic temples.