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Our concept

The rise of experiential travel

Nowadays, authenticity is the new travel trend. An ongoing evolution is happening : away from being a tourist, toward being more of a traveler, people are henceforth seeking local experiences.


Thus, increasing importance is being assigned to personal experiences. Developing trips that are more personalized and more attuned to local culture, inspiring consumers toward a path of self discovery, is the new challenge we will help you overcome. 

We aim to help travelers sift through the vast array of authentic opportunities the world offers. To deliver such local experiences, we rely on local expertise. 

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A local expertise

A careful selection of our partners

We rely on local experts to provide travelers the most authentic travel experiences. 

Native or expats, these local experts have been selected for their outgoing personalities, their knowledge, their empathy and their open mindset. Their true passion and interest for their city will achieve to take traveler's journey from typical to outstanding

All of the people we collaborate with speak English and French. According to the destinations, we also work with Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Thai, Vietnamese-speaking experts. 

The local friend concept

These local experts are aiming to be defined as local friends. 

During an half-day, a full-day or a night trip, travelers will be experiencing the local life, learning about customs and traditions, understanding intercultural differences whilst enjoying their journey as if they were indeed visiting a city along with a friend. 

A friend that can adapt the route according to their desires and needs. 

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Tailor-made experiences

No itinerary is fixed. All routes can entirely be adapted to traveler's wishes. 

At the start of their trip, travelers will be invited to share their interests and expectations. As city experts, our local friends will surprise them with the most-suited spots of the town. 

If specific requests are tackled, such as discovering the local artistic scene, doing some shopping or meeting creative entrepreneurs, we would be as well pleased to concentrate on creating a unique and tailor-made trip.  

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Social impact

Our mission is to promote local culture and traditions while helping travelers discovering a destination differently. We aim to contribute to the local development and to encourage individual interactions with local communities.

Therefore, Very Local Trip collaborates with The Research Center of Communication and Development Knowledge Management (CCDKM) in Thailand to create positive social impact.


Enabling rural communities to participate in tourism development, and empowering individuals to be aware of the value of their community assets – their culture, heritage, local food, arts, crafts and lifestyle - constitute the shared objectives of CCDKM and Very Local Trip.




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